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We are truly our ancestors' wildest dreams!

Sol Gratitude Village was founded with this sole purpose - to serve humanity in a multi-generational regenerative community and to inspire all to deepen their connection with themselves and their relations through the physical experience to the mysterious natural world. We are a community of life-long learners which embrace a holistic and integrative approach to experience the flow of life through the natural world and foster compassion, gratitude, connection, awareness, generosity, kindness, self-acceptance, self-motivation, self-reliance, global engagement, and to embrace the responsibility of personal and social  stewardship of this planet. Here, we offer a safe, yet courageous space, for all to grow, learn and create through your exploration and expression of your gifts and passion in which we celebrate each villagers for their co-creative and c-existence power. In a autopoietic village, everyone needs each other and everyone has a gift to contribute to the greater community. 

Explore Sol Learning Village for Montessori Erdkinder Farm & Wilderness Youth Program and Sol Rites of Passage

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Sol Guides

to the place where we call Soul

Sol Guides play a crucial role in supporting individuals and community in their social, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual evolution. They offer indigenous knowledge, wisdom, and dedication to supporting individuals to walk the life journey with purposeful initiations, intentions, informed decisions through authenticity, trust, and integrity. The role of a Sol guide involves facilitation, empowerment, and inspiration, assisting individuals in exploring their passion through purpose and play, and sharing their gifts to serve the community.

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Amy Ma, M.Ed.

Hong Kong

Founder, SOL Gratitude Village & Gratitude Sanctuary 
Head of Learning Village & Eco-Village Education Center
Naturalist, Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide, Montessori & Reggio-Emilia Guide, Global Teacher Mentoring & Apprenticeship in Holistic Education, Shamanic Breathwork & Sound Journey Facilitator, Ceremonial & Ritual Guide, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Classical Ballet and Piano Teacher, Lactation Consultant, Grief Tending Ritual Guide, Sol Birth & Transitions Guide

Gratitude has transformed my life and has taken me to deep trust with the flow of this river of life. With a deep knowing that the spirits of our well-healed ancestors' spirits always love us unconditionally and have our back. I am my ancestors' wildest dream! Visit here to learn more about Amy Ma.

Nile Abasi

Vista, California

Youth Mentor

Nile Abasi is a writer, musician, community leader and cultural activist who specializes in creating experiences that facilitate the reemergence of our true nature as human beings. He is the founder of Man Unleashed, and a number of other programs that combine music, primal and emotional expression, and group ritual to help reclaim the forgotten aspects of the psyche. As an at risk, bi-racial youth, he was faced with continuous adversity — troubled within a system that struggled to utilize his intelligence and intensity. He is passionate about helping children recognize the power and preciousness within the parts of themselves that society struggles to understand, and helping them to utilize this energy for the good of their community.

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Stephan van Halsema.png

Stephan van Halsema

The Netherlands

Naturalist, Wilderness Skills Guide, Shamanic Breathwork & Sound Journey Facilitator, Creative Expressions Mentor, Musician, DJ, Fishing Guide, Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide

Loved by many for his charisma, Stephan brings indigenous wisdom, esoteric knowledge, wild play, and creative expressions to Sol Gratitude Village through rituals and ceremonies.

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Sol Council

The Sol Council are expert guides in their specialized fields who offer counsel and mentorship in our community with their extensive skills and experience. We are grateful for their guidance.


Richie Rivera-Booth, Yelm, WA

Richie was born and raised in Yelm, WA. Spending his summers camping in Weyerhauser with family and friends he developed a deep love for the forest. Working with youth at Camp Cispus during high school and college he realized his passion for working with kids. He has since dedicated his life to reconnecting with nature, community and self. He is deeply committed to helping both youth and adults to find their passions by sharing his with them. Since being an immersion instructor at the Wilderness Awareness School in 2007, he has completed The ImmersionNature Instructor TrainingTracking Intensive, and a number of other adult programs. He is now excited to bring his gifts and passions to the development of Sol Gratitude Village. Things that keep Richie active are going out trailing animals, practicing archery, learning about bird language, making his own sour dough bread, deer bone broth, kombucha, yogurt, kefir, and other kitchen projects, making moccasins, spending time with friends, family, and his beautiful wife, Natalie, and their daughter, Ruby.


Raleigh David Wilson

Born in Indiana, grew up in Kirkland WA

Raleigh David Wilson is a passionate lifelong alternative school educator in the Montessori and multi-age community. He has founded three schools both profit and nonprofit. He is currently; director and head teacher at Tolt Montessori in Carnation, a father, a musician, community organizer, volunteer, and visual artist. “I’m excited to help a new school be born!”

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The Art of Mentoring - 8 Shields

"8 Shields mentoring" is a nature-based mentoring approach that draws its inspiration from indigenous wisdom and traditional cultures, particularly the practices of the "8 Shields" model. This model is rooted in the understanding of natural patterns and the interconnectedness of all living beings. Central to 8 Shields mentoring is the deep connection to nature. Mentors and learners engage with the natural world through sensory experiences, observation, tracking, and learning from natural cycles and patterns. 8 Shields mentoring incorporates elements of cultural mentoring, where traditional ecological knowledge, stories, rituals, and practices are shared and passed down. This includes teachings about plants, animals, seasons, and the land's history. The mentoring relationship in 8 Shields is based on a model of mutual learning and respect. Mentors guide learners in developing skills, awareness, and a sense of belonging within a supportive community. The approach focuses on holistic development, nurturing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of individuals. This includes activities that promote resilience, creativity, problem-solving, and self-reflection. Similar to coyote mentoring, 8 Shields mentoring emphasizes awareness and tracking skills. Learners are encouraged to cultivate keen observation, intuition, and an understanding of patterns in nature and human behavior.

The mentoring approach incorporates various nature-based practices such as storytelling, wilderness survival skills, nature awareness games, crafting with natural materials, and nature-inspired arts. Ceremonies and rituals play a significant role in 8 Shields mentoring. These may include rites of passage ceremonies, gratitude practices, storytelling circles, and ceremonies to honor the land and its inhabitants. Through the 8 Shields mentoring, we foster a regenerative culture that restores balance and harmony between humans and nature. This involves ecological stewardship, community resilience, and a deep sense of interconnectedness with all life.

Overall, 8 Shields mentoring aims to reconnect individuals with the natural world, promote sustainable living practices, and cultivate a sense of reverence and responsibility towards the Earth and its ecosystems. It recognizes the wisdom of indigenous cultures and seeks to integrate these teachings into contemporary mentoring and education frameworks.

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